Why translate your website?

The answer’s simple. To sell in international markets it is very important  to communicate in the specific market language.
Customers may find your website, but they need to understand your services and products. For this a professional translation of your website is the key for your marketing success.

Website and languages

• Web users are 6 times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in their language.
• Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world with 60 million potential customers.
• Over 500 million people access the Internet in a language other than English.
• Visitors stay three times longer if a website is in their own language (Forrester Research).

We do the translation for you!

You’ve spent your time and money on your website. You don’t want to spend more time and money giving the site back to your developers to translate your website right.

All you need to do is pass us the source files. We’ll translate them and pass them back, ready for you to upload them to the internet and quite rightly take all the glory for having your website successfully translated.

We will work directly on these files and ensure that not only are the pages translated accurately but that all the content is localized as well. We know the Italian customers and will ensure that your translated website really speaks to them.